Salesforce Spring ‘23 Brief

Salesforce shared the Spring 2023 Release in their blog last week. This is the very first release of Salesforce for 2023, and we are so excited and ready for the new features!

Here, we summarized the article for you:

Why is the Spring ’23 Release important?

Companies are having difficulties in delivering success since they are under pressure due to the tough economic climate. Meanwhile, customers expect customized experiences from them. For this reason, Salesforce’s Spring ’23 Release has new features which help save costs and deliver efficiency.

What are the highlights?

  • A dashboard built top on CRM Analytics called Account Discovery. It uses Einstein Discovery and can be accessed from the account list view.
  • Direct Integration with WhatsApp Business Messaging. It helps you connect with your customers on WhatsApp.
  • With Einstein Conversation Insights and Shift Scheduling, Salesforce Contact Center helps you schedule the right people on time.
  • Loyalty Management users have a simple setup experience now with Quick Promotion Setup.
  • Automotive Cloud helps get pre-built KPIs and dashboards. Also, AI insights will lead to deep diving!
  • Common service requests can be easily handled with Service Process Automation now.

These and many other new features will be generally available on 13/02/2023!

You can read the original blog here.

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