Consulting Services

Meet our new Salesforce service model: Nearshore Salesforce team with an onsite supervisor. As Salesforce professionals, our primary mission is to deliver a real digital transformation in the way you manage your customers. We have successfully transformed our customers’ businesses, resulting in a more than 98% recommendation rate.

After our exemplary Salesforce projects, our end-customers have evolved their customer management in the following ways:

  • Cloud-Wise TransformationReplacing software developments, server installations and long term projects with fast, powerful, holistic and integrated solutions.
  • Mobile-Wise Transformation –  Generating leads, closing sales, supporting customers, performing operations, monitoring real-time from the office, home, cafe or any other location.
  • Social-Wise Transformation – Spending less time with internal emails, phone calls or meetings and taking more time supporting customers and meeting sales targets.

Our model delivers results

Faster projects than fully onsite teams 40%
Smaller costs than fully onsite projects 70%
Less risks than using full remote teams 100%

Our Salesforce Services

Salesforce Improvement

Our projects include Salesforce Efficiency(SFE) check and improve, Lightning Migration, Re-architecture of data model and integrations for Single Source of Truth for your org

Implementation Projects

Our experienced team makes the right solution design for your business then implements Salesforce from scratch, custom developments and integrations as designed

Licence & Solution Consulting

Salesforce offers a wide variety of products and solutions that could be a good fit to your business. Are you using the right ones with the best cost-benefit return?

Dedicated Resources

We provide managed services for you with contract-based dedicated resources like Salesforce architects, admins, business analysts, consultants and developers

Support Services

We offer multiple support models such as ad hoc (on-demand) support, remote support or a tailored one for your Salesforce depending on your need

Salesforce Training

We provide tailored training sessions for your business users, managers or Salesforce admins to ensure their post-project capabilities to use and maintain the system

Cloud, Mobile, Social Wise Transformation


Get a simpler and easier system. Use your time and other resources more efficiently. 


Obtain information faster. Operate faster. Get rid of dependency to devices and places.


Use Salesforce, The world’s most secure platform. Have a trusted corporate memory.

Implement Salesforce in a smarter way: Use a nearshore team with an onsite supervisor!