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Some of the Salesforce companies who enjoyed using our Salesforce service model of remote teams with an onsite supervisor. Implementing Salesforce companies mostly have challenges of getting the right support and service model. We have a 100% customer retention, showing that our model is beneficial for our customers.

Salesforce Kullanan Firmalar


Global Company
Digital Media
AdColony, a global mobile advertisement platform, formerly known as Opera Mediaworks, has chosen us for the full maintenance and development of the Salesforce system used in more than 20 countries. This project is the first example of a global brand preferring a Turkish Salesforce partner to manage its entire global operation.


London UK / Global Company
Financial Services
WorldFirst, who joined the Ant Financial Services Group in 2019, is an innovative global payment platform operating with 650 specialist individuals span across 8 global offices and is helping over 250,000 customers. It's been an honour for us to help WorldFirst to improve their Salesforce setup that is globally used by hundreds of users.
Salesforce Companies

Densply Sirona

Global Company
Dental / Manufacturer
Dentsply Sirona is an American dental equipment maker and dental consumables producer that markets its products in over 120 countries. The company's Turkey office has chosen us for the Salesforce implementation for marketing, sales and after-sales processes integrated with the finance and warehouse ERP software.

Aksa UK

United Kingdom / Global
Power Generation Manufacturing
AKSA is one of the world's leading generating sets producers operating in 4 global locations and employing more than 10,000 people. AKSA UK has been serving Great Britain and Ireland since 1998. The company has chosen us to get their Salesforce maintained and improved.
Salesforce Companies

Genart Medya

Digital Media / Advertisement
Genart Medya, one of the biggest companies in the digital marketing area, runs exclusive advertisement sales of foreign platforms such as Twitter, Yahoo, Shazam and many local publishers. Genart manages all campaign and IO sales operations in Salesforce CRM with the support of Wise Team.


iLab Ventures
Internet Services
ChemOrbis is an iLab Venture group company that provides research and market information services in the chemistry area. The company has offices in many countries and manages all marketing and sales operations in Salesforce. This project is a significant example of management of both B2B marketing automation and subscription commerce in Salesforce.
Salesforce Companies

Ekol Logistics

Logistics / Transportation
Ekol logistics, a major global player in the logistics market in Europe, has chosen Wise Team to manage their CRM Project. Ekol CRM, which is integrated with several systems in Ekol Logistics and is used by hundreds of users from various sales departments, is one of the largest Salesforce setups in the industry.

Benim Filom

Borusan Holding
Machinery / Construction
Benim Filom, a new start-up from Borusan Holding, is managing hundreds of projects, machines and operators in Salesforce. The system that manages end to end sales and after-sales operations of Benim Filom has gone live just in a few weeks. The system is integrated with Benim Filom website and SAP. Salesforce also presents this project as a significant success story in Turkey.


Sertrans Logistics has been the national and international customers’ reliable solution partner and has chosen Wise Team to manage their CRM Project. Sertrans Logistics prioritised its customers through its Salesforce project and started to use all of its resources effectively and profitably.


Prolink is the representative of more than 14 manufacturers in the area of IT infrastructure and networks. Prolink manages sales, after sales and purchasing processes with Salesforce. Prolink integrated Salesforce with accounting software, using it successfully in both CRM and ERP areas.


Internet Services
Real Estate
EmlakJet, an iLab Holding company, brought together thousands real estate offices, tens of cities and regions in a single platform. EmlakJet is enjoying the ease of managing all sales and customer services with Salesforce, while aiming to be one of the top online real estate websites.

… and 30+ more companies have chosen us to achieve success with Salesforce.

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A team that has no tolerance for failure and an unbelievable passion for their work.

Ayfer Tuglu
COO, Genart Medya

As Wise guys had been building our system in the most efficient way, we were able to focus on growing our business.

Goktug Yilgenci
General Manager, Benim Filom - Borusan Holding

By making every endeavor at every stage of the project, Wise Team made us feel like they are a part of our company.

Merve Sendil
Senior Management Consultant, Tanı - Koç Holding

We’ve quickly moved to Salesforce. From Marketing and Sales to Technical Service, the efficiency of our whole business has improved significantly.

Baris Ozveren
Sales Manager Imaging, Dentsply Sirona

Our most valuable business partner that we entrust with the design and implementation of our entire system with no hesitation.

Yasemin Vatandas
Business Process Manager, Benim Filom - Borusan Holding

We are extremely satisfied with their service, which aims to analyze today’s trends and design the future of our company.

Salesforce Kullanan Firmalar
Erdem Ozsalih
R&D Director, Ekol Logistics

Implement Salesforce in a smarter way: Use a nearshore team with an onsite supervisor!