About Wise

Our Company was founded in March 2014 in Istanbul, as a certified official Salesforce Partner in the UK. Operating in London and Istanbul offices since Feb 2018, we help businesses to use Salesforce successfully and work in a smarter way.

We have a vast range of experience across various business solutions. Besides traditional solutions like SAP or Microsoft that we dealt with before; we’ve been doing only with Salesforce since 2011. Thanks to dozens of Salesforce projects in a number of industries, we have specialised in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, App Cloud and Pardot.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, we are growing everyday. We have successfully completed dozens of projects in various industries like financial services, media, technology, construction, machinery, mobile advertisement, online subscription businesses, online property management, medical, manufacturing, logistics, foreign trade, education.

Our Vision

As a successful Salesforce partner in the UK, we provide our customers with:

  • A centralised, corporate record, independent of individuals;
  • A common platform that combines all processes for customers;
  • Flexibility to enable instant implementation of business decisions;
  • Mobility that enables working from anywhere, easily;
  • A new culture to work more efficiently;
  • Boasting productivity and achieving more with fewer resources;
  • Visibility to enable senior managers to monitor in realtime.
Salesforce Partner
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