Salesforce 2023 Predictions

Salesforce shared some predictions for the new year and we summarized those forecasts for you. You may find the original article here.

1) Technology Predictions

  • Digital transformation will put the companies forward.
  • Choosing automation will lead to do more with less.
  • Developing business intimacy will help you to understand customers better.
  • Adaptation to fast changing technology will keep you competitive. 
  • Composability will increase agility and innovation of businesses. 

2) Sales and Service Predictions

  • Investing in team selling and empowering the procedure with AI and automation will yield a profit.
  • This will be the year of automation.
  • Instinctive, successful and consistent relationships with the customers will help to gain them for a long time period.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP) will be the rising star of this year. 

3) Disruptive Technologies Predictions

  • Generative AI will enable high volume customization.
  • Workplace culture will be experienced in the cloud.
  • More people will understand data easily.
  • VR Tech will bring loss.

4) What Will Businesses Prioritize

  • Companies will continue to prioritize their climate commitments.
  • Consumer data since it will be important, even be the next virtual currency for companies.
  • Applying regulations for privacy and ethics to protect everyone.

You can find the original article here.

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