Salesforce Easy is here!

We summarized Salesforce Easy from Salesforce Blog for you!

Each industry has its own challenges and these can be a mixture of social, economical, technological, and environmental problems. Also, the clients expect companies to be resilient, adaptive, and flexible. Therefore, companies need a trusted technology partner that can help them.

Salesforce Easy is a new and simple experience for those who want to use the best practices of Salesforce. It helps to adapt, stay connected and move fast. Plus, it offers a flexible and resilient platform. 

Kris Billmaier, SVP, and GM, of Salesforce Easy, revealed that they have received feedback from the users about their need for focused and simplified operations. Thus, they announced Salesforce Easy.

It helps businesses to have a single view of the customer, increase productivity, and cut costs (time and money). The advantages are:

  • Drives productivity: Faster sign-on with the help of integrations with Slack, Google, and Microsoft 365. Additionally, it is easy to understand RIOs thanks to calendar connections, email synchronization, and streamlined contact uploading.
  • Saves time: Users can spend time with customers instead of data entry thanks to automation and signals.
  • Saves money: Reaching sales, service, and email features in one platform help cut costs. Additionally, the growth of your business becomes more visible thanks to default dashboards.

Salesforce will announce the new products for it soon!

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