Sales Success from Anywhere

Earlier today, Salesforce Chair and CEO Marc Benioff  joined COO Bret Taylor at the Success Anywhere World Tour in Washington DC to lay out the company’s vision for sales success from anywhere.

The global pandemic has changed the way the world works, and we’re not going back to the way things were. Customer expectations have been changed, competitive dynamics upset, and companies have digitally transformed at a faster pace than ever.

We are not returning to the peak levels of air travel when sales deals were struck after a long flight and a handshake. Instead, teams need to excel at selling from anywhere. Those that do will be in the best position to accelerate their growth.

It’s against that backdrop that Benioff and Taylor discussed three new innovations to drive sales success from anywhere:

  • The next generation of Sales Cloud, incorporating virtual selling tools and real-time pipeline visibility to build the most complete growth platform for digital sales
  • Tableau Business Science toempower Sales Operations with easy-to-use, powerful AI to help streamline processes
  • MuleSoft Composer, to connect data and apps without writing code so sales operations teams can connect apps and systems to Salesforce

The reimagined Sales Cloud, the most complete growth platform for digital sales

  • “We’ve reimagined [Sales Cloud] for the all digital work anywhere world. In the last survey we did of account executives and sales reps, 51% said they weren’t going to get on airplanes to do their sales meetings anymore. Let’s be honest, virtual selling is here to stay. And we’ve built virtual selling and digital meetings directly into Sales Cloud. This is the next generation of digital selling, and the most complete growth platform for digital sales teams.” – Bret Taylor, President and COO, Salesforce

To learn more about the next generation of Sales Cloud, review the press release here.

How the Pandemic has accelerated Cloud 3.0

The Customer 360 helps Salesforce customers be successful from anywhere. It’s the most flexible and scalable way to set companies up for success, and get back to growth.

“Everyone knows the world has changed. The past is gone. We know we’re in a new world where we have to be able to work from home, and we’re in a new world where we have to be successful from anywhere.”

  • “When you look back to all the other previous times of crisis, what we see is that’s the time that innovation really happens. We can see it right now, we can see how innovation has been happening, and how we’ve been moving so quickly from Cloud 1.0 to Cloud 2.0, to Cloud 3.0. – or, as we like to say, from the internet, to social and mobile, and now to success from anywhere.” – Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO, Salesforce

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